Trading Hut

The Trading Hut is open at present. But please be aware of social distancing guidelines that are in place.

We will soon be using a pre ordering system via email so you can arrange to pick up any orders on a Saturday morning. You will be advised of this system via email in the near future.

trading hut

Covid-19 Guidelines for Allotment Sites

The following guidelines apply to allotment sites. This is what the government guidance says, at the outset stating " this is the law".

    • "Allotments remain open, but you cannot meet with someone outside your household or support bubble there unless another exemption applies"
    • "You can exercise on your own or with one person from another household or support bubble "
    • Continue to remain at least 2m away from anyone outside of your household or support bubble.
    • Stay Alert! Be aware of the space around you and move away if the distance becomes less than 2m.
    • Try to limit the number of people you see and keep all visits short.
    • If you are showing any symptoms of the virus or any of your household or support bubble are self-isolating – STAY AT HOME.

Above all be considerate to your fellow plot holders and neighbours at this time and stay safe!

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Potatoes Onions and Shallots 2021

We will soon be using a pre ordering system via email so you can arrange to pick up any orders on a Saturday morning. we will email you in the near future with further details.

Potatoes Onions and Shallots will be available for sale in the Hut from the end of January to early February; we have a number of varieties available, check them out from the list below. All potatoes are priced at £1.00 per Kilo. You can buy potatoes by the number of tubers for example- (6 Rocket, 4 Kestrel, 6 Maxine) or by weight e.g. 1kilo.

We have Pre-Order forms to use and these are available now. Use these forms (available in the hut) to pre order popular varieties before they sell out. We also sell onion sets and shallots these are also listed below. Please call into the hut on a Saturday morning between 10-11am to buy your potatoes. We hope to see you soon.

First Early's



Second Early's



Main Crop

Maris Piper



Sarpo Mira

Onions and Shallots

Onion Sets


These cost £1.00 per 500g. approx. 140


Yellow Moon

These are priced at £1.00 per 250g. approx. 10

Opening Times

The main gates to the site in Lumley Place are open Saturday mornings between 10.00 – 11.00 and the Trading Hut is open between these times. The Trading hut is also used for Committee Meetings these are held on the second Monday in the month at 7.00 P.M.

However during the winter months these may be held on a Saturday morning after the shop has closed. Members will be advised via email and notices will be placed on the gates and notice board regarding these changes. These changes normally apply from November through to March.

The hut stocks a wide range of seed potatoes, as well as onions and shallot sets, (at the start of the year) as well as organic manures and composts, commercial fertilizers, bamboo canes and a wide range of other gardening essentials.

annual show

Trading Hut Policy

The Trading Hut is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers. The objective is to obtain quality horticultural goods on behalf of members at lowest available cost.

  • Goods are obtained at lowest available cost
  • Goods are offered to members with minimal mark-up to cover delivery and Trading Hut running costs.
  • The percentage mark-up is set by the committee on advice provided by the Trading Hut Officer or Stores Officer.
  • The costs of running the hut, repairs and volunteers travel expenses are met from the Trading Hut activities.
  • The Trading Hut is not run to make a profit.

What we have to offer

Here is a list of what we sell:-

  • Fertilisers and Soil Treatments
  • Growmore
  • Sulphate of Ammonia
  • Super phosphate
  • Bonemeal
  • Fish Blood and Bone
  • Pelleted Poultry Manure
  • Lime
  • Maxi-crop (General)
  • Maxi-crop (Tomato)
  • Growing Media
  • Multi Purpose Compost
  • Grow-bags
  • Disinfectant
  • Jeyes Fluid
  • Sundries
  • Canes 6 foot and 8 foot
  • Polytwist Twine
  • Green Garden String
  • Plant Labels 4 inch and 6 inch

Prices for all the above are available from the Trading Hut

annual show



This is non-organic. As such it is a cheaper alternative to fish blood and bone, to be applied in a similar fashion.

Sulphate of Ammonia

Is rich in nitrogen and is excellent for brassicas or grass in the spring. This is not good for root crops.


A chemical best used as a stimulant for potatoes to encourage root growth. Apply in the growing season.


Slow-acting fertiliser, for roses in particular.

Fish Blood & Bone

This is a slow-acting organic fertiliser for any crops. Best applied in spring or early summer to give general added strength to plants.


Apply any time to brassicas but is not necessary on a chalky subsoil. Never use Lime near potatoes.


Can be used in the spring for both fruit and flowers. Can be used to ‘finish off’ onions after the longest day.

Nitro Chalk

A mix of nitrogen and lime. Has many uses but is almost essential to asparagus in spring. Will also benefit spring cabbages and lawns, and is useful later for brassicas such as sprouts and winter cabbage.

Calcified Seaweed

This is an organic lime rich in calcium.

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