Annual Vegetable and Flower Show

This Year’s Show

This year’s Annual Vegetable and Flower Show will be held on Sunday the 1st September 2024 here at Burley Model Allotments. The Show will be open to the public at 2.00 p.m. The Show will be opened by one of our local councillors who will award the prizes to the winners of each class.

As we all know the spirit of the Show is to “Show what we Grow”.The philosophy of the Association is for us to provide a day out for all our members and the local community and to create a day where everyone joins together for a celebration of the year.

Planning for 2024

Planning for this year’s show is already in progress, and any help for this will be more than welcome. The show is for all plot holders and we’d like as many as possible to contribute. .
If you would like to, or you know someone who would want to set up a stall then let us know. If you have any ideas for raising funds or can help in any way with items for the raffle or are able to provide baked goods for sale on the day then please contact the Show Secretary. The event is a good opportunity for you to meet new and old friends and for us to raise money to help with the management of the allotment site.

The Shedule

The schedule is set out below and copies will be available at the hut from late July. There is also be information and advice available for those who are novices at showing. Please check out the Library for tips on how to show

You will find below links to videos from previous shows and an aerial view of the site taken by drone.

To view BMAA Aerial View click here

To view the Annual Show Videos 2018 click here

annual show
annual show

Show Schedule

BMAA Top Tray

1. Two each of any four vegetables to be displayed in a tray 18” X 24” – supports and garnishes allowed.
2.Best Budding Grower Challenge for children aged 11 and under – Heaviest pumpkin or squash

Vegetables & Fruit

3. Six pods of Runner Beans
4. Six pods of French Beans
5. One white Cabbage – over 1½ lb, cut
6. One white Cauliflower
7. Two Leeks – blanched
8. Four white Potatoes
9. Four coloured Potatoes
10. Three Carrots – tops trimmed to 3 inches displayed on one plate
11. Three Beetroot (any type) – tops trimmed to 3 inches
12. Three Onions, from sets – dressed
13. Three Onions from seed – dressed
14. Six Shallots
15. One Cucumber
16. Two Courgettes
17. Two cobs of Sweetcorn
18. Two Chilli Peppers
19. Two Peppers – sweet
20. Two Squashes
21. Marrow – by weight
22. Pumpkin – by weight
23. Any other vegetable
24. Plate of three dessert apples
25. Any other fruit not in Schedule


26. Four Standard – red
27. Four Standard – not red
28. Four Standard – plum shape
29. Eight Cherry
30. Two Beefsteak type and Two Standard on one plate
31. Three Standard & Three Cherry type displayed on one plate

NOTE – Plates will be provided, where required, in fruit & vegetable classes


32. One Vase of Mixed Flowers
33. One Vase of Flowers – not mixed – minimum 3 stems
34. One Vase of Flowers – not mixed – insect friendly
35. One Vegetable and one flower

Jams & Pickle

36. One bottle of Pickles
37. One Bottle of Chutney
38. One Jar of Jam
39. One Jar of Jelly
40. One bottle of cordial or alchohol
41. One Container any other Preserves


Entries will be judged on presentation and taste.

42. Six cupcakes buns or slices from a sweet traybake
43.One larger cake or roll
44. A cold, vegetarian savoury dish. This should contain at least one ingredient grown on the allotment.

Fun Section

This Section is open to children of all ages 1 – 101. If under 16 please advise age when registering your entry.

45. Flower in a wine glass (glass provided)
46. Photograph taken on the Allotments (maximum size 10”5” and maximum number of entries is 3 per person)
47. Animal made from Fruit/veg.
48. Miniature garden in a seed tray
49. Strangest Vegetable or Fruit
50. Tallest Sunflower (judged on plots)

Submission for Entry

Please submit your entries to the Allotment Hut on the following dates and times. Except where stated in the schedule.
Saturday 2nd September  from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Sunday 3rd September from 7.30 a.m. to 10.45 a.m.

Prizes and Awards

“We don't grow to show we show what we grow”
We produce a schedule for all classes and award prizes at the Annual Vegetable and Flower Show and tips on how to show can be found in the Library.

Prizes are awarded for all classes as well as for the main cups which include:-

  • The Burley Model Shield - Presented to the exhibitor obtaining the most points at the show in the vegetable and fruit classes.
  • Eric Emms Trophy - Presented to the best entry in the tomato classes, this trophy is dedicated to memory of Eric who was the Association’s Secretary for many years.
  • Joe Wray Trophy - Presented to the best entry in the potato classes, this trophy is in tribute to Joe and is in recognition of his contributions to the Association and in particular his role as the Show’s Auctioneer.
  • Bella Trophy - To be awarded to the best entry in the Onion Classes.
  • Best Budding Grower Challenge - The competition is intended to encourage and nurture an interest in growing and gardening amongst the younger members of our allotment community and is aimed at children aged 11 and under. We welcome entries from children who have a direct connection with Burley Model Allotments, for example, those who have a parent, grandparent, guardian, other relative or family friend who is a current plot holder. presented in memory of Manga Banner, a keen gardener and allotmenteer..
  • Old Boys’ Trophy - This Trophy was donated by one of our plot holders who has had a plot for over 50 years and is in tribute to all our “Old Boys” who have made a long term contribution to the success of Burley Model Allotments. It will be awarded to the best floral entry in the Show
  • Pickle Trophy - This will be awarded each year to the best entry in the jams, pickles and preserves classes.

Awards are also presented for the following:-

  • Best Plot Holder
  • Best Half Plot
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Border