Photo Submission Page

Hi, we’re so glad that you managed to find this corner of the website here is where you can upload your photos and other .JPG files these can then be published on the website.

Using the form below please enter all your details in the relevant boxes. Please ensure you add your email address and you will automatically receive a confirmation email from us.

All of the fields in the submission form are mandatory.

Your wonderful photos will then be published on the website so please take some time to add more details in the notes box about your composition.

We hope that this will give a more meaningful insight into your photos.

By hosting photos of your plot on the website it will provide a record of all your hard work and is a good way to show others around the world your own little slice of heaven that you tend.

You can view your photos in the Your Photos page under Other Information.

Should you have and questions regarding your photos (except how to take them) then please use the Contact Form on the Contact Us Page and get in touch with the webmaster.

photo submission

Photo Submission Form

Use the photo submission form below to send us your photo.

Please make sure that you are sending us a Jpg image only.

Please make sure that the filename is formatted to contain ".jpg" at the end. For example : yourfilename.jpg