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Hi there and hello, it’s so good to see you and it looks like you have unexpectedly careered headlong into our website here at Burley Model Allotments Association. If you meant to pop in and see us here all well and good but either by choice or accident it’s nice to have you here all the same.

We hope that you enjoy yourselves here and that it is a better year for all of us. While it looks like 2022 hasn’t started in the way we had all hoped for and we now face a new wave of the coronavirus the “Omicron Variant” new restrictions will be put in place, there is however some hope on the horizon with the vaccination programme and booster jabs being made more widely available.

A lot our regular features for 2021 were cancelled due to the pandemic, including our coffee mornings and plant and seed swaps. However the Annual Show and the A.G.M. were both held last year. Also the Trading Hut was closed for most of the early part of the year, we hope for better in 2022.

We hope that we will be able to hold all of our events this year, more especially those later in the year, however your health and safety is paramount and comes before any other consideration.

Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times and take all the steps you can to reduce the risk of contagion from the Covid-19 virus when you visit the plot. The rules and the impact on allotments are the same, in that facemasks are compulsory in shops, this includes ours.”

It is essential that we follow all the guidelines; to stay at home if you or a member of your household shows any signs of infection, to help stop COVID-19 or the new Omicron variant spreading.

Above all be considerate to your fellow plot holders and neighbours at this time and look after one another.

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Welcome once more

Well here we are; this is the Burley Model Allotments website. Our intention is to tell you all about our allotment site. There are a good few pages that let us do this. By navigating through the site you will find out about the History of the site, how we manage the site, the Trading Hut we run which is open on Saturday mornings. As well the Events we have each year culminating in our Annual Show.

There is also a Library of all the documents we produce, a Recipes page where you can put to use all you have grown on the allotment site. In addition to all of this we have a Gallery where you can view photos taken on the site as well as a number of Videos clips, an Offers page which you can utilise and get discounts on various items. And on top of all that we have a dedicated Links page which as you might imagine has links to other websites you may find useful and interesting.

All in All we hope you find our little website what it’s meant to be an interesting, entertaining place to visit and most of all a little bit of fun.



Join Us

Should you wish to join us here at Burley Model Allotments the simply go to the Join Us page and submit your application using the form on the page. If you prefer you can always drop in to the allotment site and see us in person one Saturday morning at the Trading Hut. We are open every Saturday morning between 10.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. The site can be accessed from the Gate on Lumley Place which is off Lumley Road the nearest postcode is LS4 2NL.

Alternatively you can download an application form from the Library page and send it to our P.O. Box address. Whichever way you choose to contact us we will get back to confirm your registration on our waiting list. So please don’t be shy pop along and see us and call in for a look round and a cuppa in the hut, we are a pleasant and happy enough crowd and are always happy to meet new folk.

Come on in and Join Us here at Burley Model Allotments, we’re a friendly enough bunch.

Contact Us

You can use this page if you are an existing member of the site or an applicant wanting additional details. Again simply complete the form on the page and submit it to the relevant person you which to contact. There are also email addresses of the various officers of the allotment committee should you wish to contact them directly. Again please feel free to call and see us in person one Saturday morning in the hut and chat with us over a cuppa. However you want to contact us let us know what’s on your mind, if you are having difficulties with your plot, or have any ideas on how we can improve the site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Support and Help

It is one of our main objectives to support our members of the Association to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from their allotment plots. We would like to encourage the sharing of knowledge, a love of growing vegetables, fruit and flowers and social interaction. It is our intention that our allotment plots will be a huge benefit to the whole of our community.

Burley Model Allotments are focused on forming strong partnerships and have worked tirelessly in the last few years with similar groups and individuals who are all working towards achieving the same goals. We hope that we will be able to form new partnerships over the coming year and work towards promoting allotments and the benefits of growing your own produce. Please join us, as the more partnerships we are able to form the stronger our organisation becomes and the more people we are able to help.

Help, however, is a two way boulevard and the more help that we have from members of our association as well as the community at large then the better shape we will be in. This will enable us to help more people and improve the site for future generations.

Support and Help

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to ensure that everyone can ENJOY Burley Model Allotments and the facilities we provide. We always try to remember that growing is FUN. Our intention is to ensure that everyone can revel each day in your own little piece of heaven and that by working closely with nature we learn more about ourselves and the gardens we create each and every day.

We will actively pursue the continual improvement of the fertility, cleanliness, productivity and facilities of the site, as a whole, for the benefit of all plot holders and to ensure that we provide a legacy for those who follow. We are committed to ensuring that the environment and wildlife areas are protected and to publicise the pleasure and virtues of gardening as a hobby and recreation.

Our Aims

We Aim to:

  • Manage the allotments site as an area for flowers, fruit and vegetable growing;
  • Develop the site as a learning environment where members of the wider community can learn about gardening;
  • Encourage self sufficiency, sustainability and recycling;
  • Promote healthy eating and exercise through gardening and where possible organic vegetable growing in the interests of our members and the local community;
  • Co-operate with other gardening associations and environmental organisations in matters of mutual interest;
  • Develop and promote the Association in the interests of the local community;

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