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Allotment Operation

How is the Association managed?

Burley Model Allotments Association (B.M.A.A.) is a self-managed site. That is to say that the site is owned by Leeds City Council but the day to day running of the site is managed by a General Management Committee who are also members of the Association. The committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting. The committee meet once a month to discuss items relating to the running of the site and plan for the year ahead. We are always looking for new members and the meetings last for usually an hour. If you can help or feel that you can, and want to make a difference then please come along and join us.

management committee

Committee Meetings

The Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at 7.00 P.M. However during the winter months these may be held on a Saturday morning after the shop has closed. Members will be advised via email and notices will be placed on the gates and notice board regarding these changes. These changes normally apply from November through to March. These are open meetings and all members are welcome, however standard meeting protocols are expected to be observed by all those attending. All members are asked to ensure they are aware of the Rules and Constitution and any changes to either of these documents may be made at the AGM.

The trustees/officers and committee members are elected at the AGM each year and with general Committee Members make up the Committee who are charged with managing the site. If any member is interested in joining the committee and has a particular interest in developing and working with the Association please contact us.

For details of the Rules and Constitution visit the Library

Co-Opting Members to the Committee

Co-Opting Members to the Committee

Sometimes a situation arises where there becomes a vacancy on the Committee during the course of that Committee's tenure i.e. a committee member has to move away with their job. So that the Committee/ Association does not struggle because of that absence a member can be Co-opted onto the Committee (by the committee members & officers) and will serve until the next Association elections. The co-option of this member is made known to all members so that they can be identified as a bona fide committee member with full voting rights & members can approach them with queries as they would all other committee members. On other occasions an association member may have specific specialist knowledge which is pertinent to a project being undertaken on site & they can be co-opted for the duration of that specific project. In cases such as these it is up to the Committee to decide whether such a co-opted member has full voting rights, voting rights linked to the project, or none at all.

The Officers and Trustees

The Officers and Trustees

  • Chair: Indira Banner
  • Vice Chair: Jackie Wilson
  • Secretary: Tom Randles
  • Treasurer: Elaine Willford
  • Membership Secretary: Frank Turpin
  • Stores Manager: Tony Handby
  • Show Secretary: Elaine Willford
  • Lettings Secretary: Lesly Best
  • Publicity Officer: Keith Barrett
  • Trustee: Pauline Scholey
  • Trustee: Iain Smith
  • Trustee: Barry Raw
  • Committee Member Sue Hollington
  • Committee Member Tim Wilford
  • Committee Member Steve Kind

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Burley Model Allotments Association holds its Annual General Meeting to which all the allotments tenants are invited to attend. The meeting is normally held at the front or rear of the Trading Hut in the autumn. (September to November). When an exact date is decided all members will be notified at least 28 days prior to the meeting.

Any member may apply to be on the Committee at any time of the year and we actively encourage all new and existing members to join the Committee and get involved with the running of the site.

Members of the Association are given an update on the progress of the Association and are also invited to raise issues for discussion relating to the site at the meeting. We would request that if there are any additional items for the agenda please let us know before the meeting.

The A.G.M. gives all members the opportunity to elect a new Committee, this is done each year as the old Committee resigns at the A.G.M. and a new one is elected. The Officer positions on the Committee, general committee members and the Trustees are elected at this time.

Please use the Committee Nomination Form that can be found in the Library if you wish to nominate someone for a Committee position. Please return the completed form to the Secretary

The A.G.M. also gives members a chance to review and make any necessary changes to the Rules and Constitution of the Association. Again all our members are encouraged to read and review these documents (these can be found in the Library) on a regular basis and if there are things that you think should be changed or added please contact the Secretary.

How the Annual General Meeting is Run

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday the 28th October 2023 at 11.30a.m. outside the Trading Hut.

We really would appreciate your views about anything to do with the Allotment site and how it is run. We are asking for your input and want to know what you; the members of the association are thinking, wanting or need from the Association. We would like to know about the following:-

The running of the site for example is the site managed as you would like? Would you want a more rigid or a relaxed approach? These are questions as members of the Association you need to consider when attending the A.G.M. other questions include, what would you like to see done? Are there any changes we can make? Are there some small but important things we are, or are not, doing? Finally what about improvements to the site, what improvements would you like to see done? Are there any other improvements big or small we need to make?

There may be lots of other things you want or need, please let us know what we can do to help make the site a better place for you and for your family and friends. As ever there are many ways you can let us know your feelings regarding the site and by now you must know them all; you can email the secretary using the contact us page or write to us at the Cardigan Centre or call into the hut one Saturday morning and have an informal chat over a cuppa.

You can also use the upcoming Annual General Meeting to raise any issues you have and this should be done in writing to the Secretary 28 days prior to the meeting so that any item can be added to the agenda. We look forward to hearing from you.

The usual format for the Annual General Meeting is that there will be:-


The Chair will outline the procedures that the A.G.M. will follow.

Secretaries Report

This will outline the achievements and any disappointments of the year.

Treasurer’s Report

This will provide a detailed report on the finances of the Association.

Election of Officers

At this point the outgoing Committee will all resign and a new Committee will be elected. The Chair of the A.G.M. will manage this process.


If you want to nominate someone for a role on the Committee or to become a Committee Member yourself there are Nomination Forms in the Trading Hut or in the Website. Library

Changes to the Rules or Constitution

Should you wish to make any changes to the Rules or the Constitution these are welcomed both are seen as living documents in that they should be challenged and move with the times.

Any nomination or changes to the rules or constitution must be sent to the Secretary (in writing) or by email at least 28 days before the A.G.M. please use the contact us page.

Copies of the Rules and Constitution are available in the trading hut and in the website. Library