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The Standwell Long Pattern Spade

Introducing a new offer for members the Standwell Long Pattern Spade.

Every gardener knows how tough it is to dig over the allotment or vegetable patch. Dig from an upright position with the Standwell Long Pattern Spade, increase productivity, minimise bending and reduce the likelihood of back pain. The spade draws on traditional elements to create a simple but effective ergonomic tool. Complete more work in a session and avoid strain. The lightweight stainless steel blade and shaped wooden handle combine perfectly to create excellent balance and make this tool a delight to use. The spade is nearly 1.9 m tall overall, with a long ash handle and short blade.

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Garden Fresco

Garden Fresco is run by husband and wife team, David and Emma. Their website gives advice and tips on growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. We’ve got comprehensive Step-by-Step Guides showing you how to grow a large range of fruit, vegetables and herbs. There’s plenty of advice for beginners and also lots of tips for more seasoned gardeners.

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