Ways To Contact Us

There are several ways to contact us; by email; or by using the form on this page; or by using the form on the Join Us page; by post; or in person.

Contact Form

Use the contact form below for any general enquiries you may have regarding the site.

General Enquiries

You can use the Contact Form on this page to get in touch with us regarding general enquiries regarding the site. Select from the drop down menu the officer of the Association you want to contact. Complete your details Name; Email and Telephone Number; then enter the details of the enquiry into the main body of the text box.

How To Find Us?

How to find us here at Burley Model Allotments.

Our Address

Contact us by letter using our postal address below. We usually pick up our post only once or twice a week, so for urgent messages we advise you to use the contact form on this page or send an email directly to the Officer concerned with your enquiry.

Burley Model Allotments
The Cardigan Centre
145 - 149 Cardigan Road

our address

Contact Us In Person

The site hut and shop are open on Saturday mornings 10.00-11.00 and there is usually someone about to answer queries. Access is via Lumley Place The main gates in Lumley Place are open during this time to enable access to the Allotment site. Please note - the hut and shop are closed around the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Main Email Contact Details

You can email directly any of the Officers of the Association using the following emails.

Membership Secretary: bmaamembership@gmail.com
Treasurer: bmaatreasurer@gmail.com
Webmaster: bmaawebmaster@gmail.com
Lettings Officer: bmaalettings@gmail.com

Main Email Contact Details

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