A Potted History of the Site

The site, originally a quarry, was acquired by Leeds City Council (then Leeds Corporation) as an allotment site on the 26th February 1892. with help from the Wades charity.

By the 1930's several hundred huts and greenhouses of varying size and structure had sprung up. By the mid 1930's it was the aim of the Corporation to tidy up the site somehow.

The provision of Model Allotments was envisaged as far back as 1938 but the outbreak of war in September 1939 prevented progress.

The site was re planned in 1956/1957 again with the help of a grant from the Trustees of the Wades Charity. In 1955 the site was completely cleared and on the 26th June 1958 the site was re-opened by the then Lord Mayor of Leeds Alderman Mrs Mary Pearce (JP).

The total area of the site exceeds 8 acres and the new re-modelled site provided 119 allotments the majority being 10 square rods or 300 square yards.

Many of our plots are now divided in half both to meet the demand for allotments and to allow for the fact that many people no longer have a lifestyle that allows them to maintain a full plot

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Dig for Victory

Grow for Winter as well as Summer, see how they did it in the war years. Here is a example leaflet, please view or download the pdf.

dig for victory


The upper road in 1960 looking North toward Beechwood crescent. Picture from 1960 Leeds City Council leaflet.
Please click picture to view or download leaflet.

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