Welcome to BMA Nature Watch

Have you ever wondered about the wildlife on the allotments?

BMMA has set up a nature watch group. The group is very keen to hear from all plot holders; you can write your sightings on the blackboard outside the hut, or send them in using the form on our webpage. We will of course keep you up to date on sightings and progress via the webpage and through the newsletters as well.

Participation and plans

We welcome any level of detail, and photos would be a big bonus. We will even try to help with identification if needed. Other plans include setting up bat boxes, bird feeders close to the hut, and inviting groups such as West Yorkshire Bat Group to carry out specific onsite surveys. Group volunteers will gather and share all data with national conservation and academic bodies. We are already in touch with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Leeds Nats and RSPB.

Group members have been carrying out weekly surveys since the new year (death permitting) and have recorded several interesting birds including Woodcock and Peregrine Falcon. And many of you will remember the flock of Waxwings that took up residence last winter. This shows that our allotments are an important green area amid dense housing, but are also close to green corridors and the open spaces in the Kirkstall valley. As ever the success of this project will depend on the number of members of the association who contribute to the scheme.

The current sightings list is now available on our website, along with form to send in your own sightings. If you have any questions or would like to help contact David Benn at bmaanw@gmail.com.

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Nature Watch Submission Form

Please use the form below to send us your nature watch details and images. Simply fill in the form below and click "Send details".

You can send us up to three images by using the file upload buttons below. Please make sure that you are sending us Jpg images only.

Please make sure that the filename is formatted to contain ".jpg" at the end. For example : yourfilename.jpg

Nature Watch

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Bird list 01/01/2018 to present

On site

Blackbird Blue Tit Bullfinch Carrion Crow Chaffinch Chiff Chaff Collared Dove Dunnock Ferral Pigeon Fieldfare Gold Finch Great Tit Jay Magpie Mistle Thrush Redwing Robin Song Thrush Sparrow Sparrowhawk Wood Pigeon Woodcock Wren


Black Headed Gull Common Buzzard Herring Gull Lesser Black Back Gull Peregrine Falcon Red Kite

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